Are you going to buy a new car? Consider these 5 steps before

Are you going to buy a new car? Consider these 5 steps before

Buying a new car can be very tiring and involve a lot of adrenaline, even for those who already have one, so in order for you to achieve your goals without the emotion taking over, we separate 5 essential steps to consider before closing the contract. Want to know what they are? Keep reading.

  1. Plan ahead

    Plan ahead

Begin pre-planning before buying a car, ideally 6 to 12 months in advance, this period will give you time to research and track market prices and evaluate which is the best loyalty program that includes the most benefits.

  1. Research models and the market

    Research models and the market

With the help of internet you have no excuses to make a purchase on impulse. Before going to the store, research well and compare at least three to four models of cars, take into consideration the price, financing conditions, interest rates, promotions and accessories, this information may be contained on the automaker’s own website. Do not rush to later regret it.

  1. Value your used car

Do you think your used car is worthless? Your mistake. Consider the alternative of delivering your current car in exchange for a zero-kilometer, but of course, as long as yours is in good condition. Before you offer your car, do some maintenance, change parts that cause noise and even basic accessories such as worn seatbelts, also take care that the body is beautiful and clean. As a voucher, please submit your scheduled revision notes.

  1. Watching Fipe

    Watching Fipe

Do you know how much your used car is worth? If not, consult the Fipe table, so at the time of making the exchange you have references not to lose in the negotiation.

  1. Negotiate


If your car is not accepted, negotiate with the seller for a discount or try to find out the advantages and the accessories that the chosen model can offer you. Do not be ashamed to ask, talk to the specialist and negotiate to make a better purchase.

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