Who can apply for a loan

Who can apply for a loan

Who can apply for a loan and what are the conditions for processing the application? Just register, then we will contact you, we will add further information to the application and after supporting documents, the loan application is reviewed.

It may happen to each of you that he needs an extra financial amount unplanned


It can surprise you with an accident, illness, arrears of energy, or something happier – a wedding in the family, the birth of a child or the departure of a child to college. It is often the case that the electric appliance will serve, it is necessary to replace the windows with new ones or to reconstruct the flowing roof. Most of us do not have above-standard income, we do not have any longer to postpone after paying all the bills, so we do not have a financial reserve. First, we will exhaust all available options – hidden reserves, account debits, cash boxes or we ask for help from the family. When all options fail, you start thinking about a loan. Here you are already thinking about who to borrow. You’re starting to visit all loan companies, surf the web, look for and compare all offers.


Banks are not always required to invest or borrow. It’s an unnecessarily expensive link. Credit Adviser connects those who want to invest and those who want to borrow. As Credit Adviser missed the banks, both sides have better conditions. Those who want to invest will get more interest than the bank, and conversely those who want to borrow will receive less interest than they do in the bank.


Who can apply for a loan in Credit Adviser Euro


In Credit Adviser Euro, every citizen of the Slovak Republic with a permanent residence in Slovakia can apply for a loan, as well as a foreigner living in our republic after the age of 18. In our company, applications are reviewed individually, so each loan application will be processed, whether from an employee, entrepreneur, pensioner, or mother on maternity leave.


What are the conditions for processing a loan application?

– permanent residence in Slovakia


– over 18 years of age


– filling out a short form on our site


– proof of 2 identity documents


– Receipt of receipts according to job position




Procedure – Online in 5 minutes …… 

Procedure - Online in 5 minutes ...... 

Just register at website with a loan application and fill out a short form. Subsequently, we contact the client, we will add further data to the application with him, and after supporting the documents, the loan application is reviewed by the approval department.

So little is enough and you can have money in your account in a short time. Credit Adviser Euro does not charge any fees, whether for registration or loan facilities.

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